This Privacy Policy.
This privacy policy describes Daytime Derby’s current policies and practices with regard to personal data collected  through the website. This privacy policy is independent from Daytime Derby’s offline personal data collection practices. The term “personal data” refers to personally identifiable information about you, such as your name,  e-mail address and any other information that is identified with you personally.

Personal Data Collected Through the website
Other than cookies, as described below, the only personal data Daytime Derby currently collects through its website is the information you voluntarily give us when you use our site.
For example, you may use this site to contact Daytime Derby with questions and comments. When you fill out a form on our websites, you may provide your name and other contact information, including your company’s name, your e-mail address, and your mailing address or the mailing address of your company or other personal information. If you do not wish to fill out all of the information on the form you are not required to do so. Most of our registration forms require only your name and e-mail address. When you submit information to us through, you will receive a confirmation e-mail if you enter a valid e-mail address. When you use our websites to search for information our upcoming events, you are not providing us with any personal information. We offer the search features as a service to you. Daytime Derby does not collect or retain any identifying information about you when you use the search features.

Use of Personal Data Collected Through the website
Daytime Derby uses the personal data information you provide to answer your question or resolve your problem. Daytime Derby and our affiliates also use this information to help us improve the content and functionality of our websites, to better understand our customers and markets, and to improve our products and services. Daytime Derby  may use this information to contact you in the future to tell you about future events we believe will be of interest to you. 
Similarly, we may provide “subscription” e-mail services, either directly or through affiliates, which enable you to receive current news and updates about Pinknic. For all such services, we will provide an opportunity to “unsubscribe” from, or cancel, the subscription. Please see the Terms and Use for more information about our use of the communications we receive through Pinknic website.

Anonymous Data Collected Through the website
In addition to the information you provide when you use our websites, Daytime Derby uses technology to collect anonymous information about the use of our websites. For example, we use technology to track how many visitors access our websites, the date and time of their visit, the length of their stay, and which pages they view. We also use technology to determine which web browsers our visitors use and the address from which they accessed our sites 
This technology does not identify you personally. It simply enables us to compile statistics about our visitors and their use of our sites. 

A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not damage your computer and they cannot be used to discover the identity of a user. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. This enables you to decide if you want to accept it or not and whether you are required to accept the cookie to view certain content. Daytime Derby may use cookies to “persist” a user session that is, to maintain connection with a user as he or she moves through an application or series of web pages. The purpose of cookies in this context is to remember user inputs. For example, a “shopping cart” application records purchases up until the user reaches checkout. Personalization features also use cookies to identify groups of users and deliver appropriate content and services.

Questions About Our Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or concerns about the way Daytime Derby processes your personal data, please contact us.